March 22, 1985
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John Hunt Morgan and His Raiders

Whether one things of him as dashing cavalier or shameless horse thief, it is impossible not to regard John Hunt Morgan as a fascinating figure of the Civil War. He collected his Raiders at first from the prominent families of Kentucky, though later the exploits of the group were to attract a less elite class of recruits. Morgan was able to lead these men into the most dangerous adventures by convincing them that the honor of the South was at stake; yet he did not always succeed in appealing to that sense of honor when temptations of easy theft drew the Raiders from military objectives to wanton pillage.

In John Hunt Morgan and his Raiders, Edison H. Thomas gives us a balanced view of these controversial men and their raids. In a fast-paced narrative he follows the cavalry unit for the evening the first group set out from Lexington to join the Confederate forces until the morning of Morgan's death in Greeneville, Tennessee. Basil Duke, St. Leger Grenfell, Lightning Ellsworth, and the beautiful Martha Ready all receive their due, and the truly remarkable story of the Raiders' newspaper is told.

A special contribution is the insight this account offers into the disruption of rail communications carried out with such enthusiasm by Morgan and his men. Thomas' study of the railroad records of the period has enabled him to present this part of the Raiders' story with rare detail and understanding.

About the Author

Edison H. Thomas was new bureau manager of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company and was the author of numerous articles on the Civil War.


"Wades through the myth and controversy of Morgan and his men to offer a balanced reflection."—Civil War Press Corps

"In a brief, exciting book Edison H. Thomas traces the meteoric career of the famous raider from the early halcyon days when victory seemed possible to his death in the late summer of 1864 when defeat appeared probable."—Filson Club History Quarterly

"An informative, yet highly readable account of Morgan and his cavalry."—Journal of American Military History

"Thomas not only gives a precise account of Morgan's daring—if sometimes ill-advised—raids, but uses them to illustrate the curious nature of the man, his ability to lead by example, and his inability, or refusal, to exercise the military discipline that is also an integral part of leadership."—Louisville Courier-Journal

"A well-written book which affords an excellent overview of a controversial man and his role in the war."—Civil War Book Exchange

"This excellent book is a 'must have' book for your Confederate Cavalry bookshelf." — The Lone Star Book Review"—

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