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January 1, 2018
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Jacky Redgate


Jacky Redgate is regarded as one of Australia's leading contemporary artists, with over thirty-five years of continuous creation, exhibition, and innovation. She is well known for her eminent minimalist-conceptual works based on systems and logic, but in recent work Redgate has teased audiences with a combination of photographic abstraction and an autobiographical mask of mirrors. Reinventing her oeuvre over the last two decades with a series of studio experiments engaging light and reflection, Redgate has produced a remarkable body of work charged with formal and conceptual intensity. Redgate's mirror works, including a new project using found photographs, was exhibited at the University Art Gallery, the University of Sydney, to much acclaim in 2015 and this comprehensive publication unpacks the significance of this exciting new series for the very first time.

About the Authors

Ann Stephen is senior curator, University Art Gallery, University of Sydney. Robert Leonard is chief curator at City Gallery Wellington, in New Zealand.

9780994306418 : jacky-redgate-leonard-stephen
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