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April 22, 2022
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It is the Spirit Who Gives Life

New Directions in Pneumatology

Edited by Radu Bordeianu
Who is the Holy Spirit? What is the Holy Spirit? The answers to these questions were so obvious in the first centuries of Christian history, that the New Testament and the earliest Christian writers did not feel the need to deliberately address the identity of the Spirit. The more stringent question was this: what does the Spirit do in the Hebrew Scriptures, in the life of Jesus, in the community of disciples, in the Church, and in the world? These same questions, however, did not have the same obvious answers to subsequent generations.

Writing in the fourth century, Gregory of Nazianzus observed a slow progress of better understanding the identity and mission of the Holy Spirit throughout the centuries; his opponents still referred to the Spirit as a "strange," "unscriptural," and "interpolated" God (Or. 31). One would expect that today, centuries later, pneumatology would be exponentially further developed than in the patristic era. And yet, contemporary theology only rarely asks who the Spirit is and what the Spirit does. That is where the present volume attempts to bring a contribution, by addressing early Pneumatologies reflected in the Scriptures and the age of the martyrs, historical developments in patristic literature and spiritual writings, and contemporary pneumatological themes, as they relate to ecumenism, ecology, science, ecclesiology, and missions.

The present volume gathers essays authored by eleven world-renowned theologians. Each contribution originated as a public lecture addressed to theologians and an educated general audience, followed by a private colloquium in which the lecturers conferred with scholars who are experts in the field. Thus, the present volume offers a multifaceted approach to Pneumatology, in an ecumenical spirit.

About the Author

Radu Bordeianu is associate professor at Duquesne University


"Presents a rich array of offerings from distinguished, indeed world-renowned, scholars. Each essay is self-standing and reflects the particular perspective proper to the author. But as an ensemble they cohere in a suggestive, even a systematic way. Will provide fine resources both for personal meditation, but also stimulus for further scholarly research on this crucial issue."—Robert Imbelli, Boston College

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Paperback / softback
April 22, 2022
$39.95 USD

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