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January 5, 2021
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Introduction to Mariology

In Introduction to Mariology, Fr. Manfred Hauke provides a synthesis of Mariology and the biblical fundaments and development of Marian doctrine. While it works as a comprehensive introduction suitable for courses on the subject, it is in reality a panoramic view on the entire Marian doctrine, and as such will be essential for the theological formation of seminarians, priests, theologians, and all kinds of educated Catholics. With an unparalleled bibliographic citation of Marian literature across a dozen languages, it is also a perfect gateway to further research on the subject.

It begins with Biblical doctrine, which is important especially for the dialogue with Protestant denominations: Catholic Mariology can be traced in its "embryonic" state already in Holy Scripture. From there Hauke presents a historical overview of the whole development of Marian doctrine, before developing further historical details in the subsequent chapters dedicated to systematic issues. The first systematic step approaches the figure of Mary through her role in the mystery of the Covenant between God and redeemed humanity; her being "Mother of God" and companion of the Redeemer is the "fundamental principle." Then the four established Marian dogmas are presented: divine maternity, virginity, Immaculate Conception (in a chapter on Mary's holiness more broadly), and bodily Assumption. A close look is given to maternal mediation which includes a part dedicated to the "Mater Unitatis". A stand alone chapter is dedicated to Marian apparitions; authentic apparitions are presented as a part of prophetic charisma. The last chapter presents the basics on Marian devotion which culminates in the consecration to Mary (as a response to her maternal mediation).

Already available in Spanish and Italian, with a publication in Portugese, and Korean on the way, this landmark work is published here for the first time in English.

About the Authors

Fr. Manfred Hauke is professor of dogmatic thology on the theological faculty, University of Lugano, Switzerland.


"Fr. Manfred Hauke is one of the best Mariologists in the world today. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to all the main areas of Mariology. His treatment of the topics is balanced, historically informed, and insightful. Will be ideal for seminary or university courses in Mariology."—Robert Fastiggi, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI

"The church has been blessed with the publication of the English translation of Fr. Hauke's comprehensive overview of Mariology, the work of a seasoned scholar which offers not only a superb treatment of traditional doctrinal points (the four Marian dogmas, Our Lady's cooperation in the Redemption and her universal mediation in the order of grace) but also unique insights on themes such as the fundamental Marian principle, Mary in view of anthropology, and Our Lady through the lens of feminism. This work should be on the shelf of every person who undertakes a serious study on Our Lady."—Fr. Dwight P. Campbell, STD, Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, Wisc.

"Hauke's book is a masterpiece with biblical foundations and a historical overview preceding the systematic analysis of Mariology and Marian devotion. The book is well written, insightful, scholarly, and ecumenically sensitive. The English translation has been long awaited and is well done. It deserves to be a standard textbook for theology courses as well as a classic reference work for Catholic clergy, catechists, and apologists."—Gloria Falcao Dodd, International Marian Research Institute

"This is a remarkable, lucid and, in fact, peerless presentation of the rich discipline of Mariology by one of the currently foremost Mariologists. Among other merits, Manfred Hauke convincingly demonstrates that Mariology is crucial for understanding the integrity and interrelatedness of all theological disciplines. For many years to come this precious tome will be indispensable for every serious student of Our Lady. All in all, this comprehensive treatment of the Theotokos deserves an unqualified, heartfelt welcome!"—Fr. Emery de Gaál, University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, IL

"Having taught Mariology in seminaries for more than twenty-five years, I have used several outstanding text books. Fr Manfred Hauke's Introduction to Mariology is by far the most comprehensive and richest of them all. I hope this highly accessible tome finds its way into every theological curriculum in the USA (and beyond) and land on the bookshelves of every preacher and lover of Mary. It is a breath of fresh air!"—Rev. Frederick L. Miller, Seton Hall University

"[Hauke's] erudition and expertise are evident in this text. The result is one of the best, up-to-date, thoroughly researched introductions to Catholic Mariology published in recent years. It provides a solid foundation of Mariology and current magisterial teachings as well as the major theological debates to allow readers to confidently approach this topic."—Catholic Books Review

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