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October 1, 1997
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Intellect and Public Life

Essays on the Social History of Academic Intellectuals in the United States

Periodic "crises" in our academic culture remind us that the organization of our intellectual life is a product of history—neither fixed by the logic of social development nor inherent in the nature of knowledge itself. At a time of much unease in academia and among the general public about the relation of intellect to public life, Thomas Bender explores both the nineteenth-century origins and the twentieth-century configurations of academic intellect in the United States.

Intellect and Public Life pays special attention to the changing relationship of academic to urban culture. Examining the historical tensions faced by intellectuals who aspired to be at once academics and citizens, Bender traces the growing commitment of intellectuals to professional expertise and autonomy. He finds, as well, a historical pattern of academic withdrawal from the public discussion of matters of general concern. Yet the volume concludes on a hopeful note. With the demise of the classical republican notion of the public, Bender contends, there has emerged a more pluralistic notion of the public that—combined with the revival of interest in pragmatic theories of truth—may offer the possibility of a richer collaboration of democracy and intellect.

About the Author

Thomas Bender is Dean for the Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Science, University Professor of the Humanities, and professor of history at New York University. He is the author of Toward an Urban Vision, Community and Social Change in America, New York Intellect, and Budapest and New York: Studies in Metropolitan Transformation, 1870-1930.


"Thomas Bender is our foremost cartographer of the intellect, the Mercator of the American mind."

- New York History

"A finely wrought picture of academic life before disciplinary professionalization.."

- Daniel T. Rogers - History of Education Quarterly

"In this excellent collection... Bender's essays suggest an ingenious account, both intellectual and spatial, of the growth of professional society."

- Peter Scott - Times Higher Education Supplement

"The topic is a fascinating one, which is studied here with stimulating brevity and perception."

- Rosemary Park - Change

"Bender's positive, generous, civil voice injects a soothing dose of optimism into current academic debates, and his invocation of 'public culture' delivers a needed antidote to the spurious concept that shares the same initial consonants."

- Mary Ryan - American Quarterly

"[A] sparkling and insightful volume."

- Canadian Review of American Studies
Johns Hopkins University Press
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