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July 1, 2019
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Introducción a los estudios culturales hispanos

Indagaciones is a postintermediate Spanish textbook that introduces students to a wide variety of visual, audio, and written texts and teaches critical textual analysis in Spanish through a cultural studies approach. Deepening and enhancing students' knowledge of the expression of culture within Latin America, Spain, and U.S.-Latin@ areas, Indagaciones gives students ample opportunities to practice reading, listening, and viewing cultural content and textual analysis, including understanding culture, expanding their vocabulary, and learning how to engage in analysis. Students will gain the skills to critically approach a cultural text, synthesize its main points, and prepare multimodal analyses all within a communicative context. This book provides the linguistic scaffolding necessary to help L2 students advance beyond the intermediate language level and heritage students progress by providing glosses, conceptual discussions, and grammatical information while introducing students to key texts from around the Spanish-speaking world.

For Instructors: Exam copies of the textbook are available free of charge to instructors through the Press website.

About the Authors

Mary Ann Dellinger is Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures at the Virginia Military Institute. She has co-authored several textbook programs and co-edited two collections of scholarly essays in addition to peer-reviewed and book chapter articles on second language methodology, literature, and Anti-Francoism.

Ellen Mayock is Ernest Williams II Professor of Spanish at Washington and Lee University. Mayock has authored two scholarly monographs, co-edited three collections of critical essays, and published more than 35 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on Latin American and Spanish literature and film and on gender and the workplace.

Beatriz Trigo is Associate Professor of Spanish at Gettysburg College. She has co-edited two collections of critical essays, and published numerous peer-reviewed and book chapter articles on literature, film, and the digital humanities.


"Indagaciones positions literature as one part of a much broader and inclusive cultural studies curriculum that deals head-on with issues of social responsibility, identity, ideology, mass culture, and the global cultural marketplace. In this way it goes a long way toward bridging the always-problematic gap between intermediate and advanced Spanish courses structured on the 'language-then-literature' model." — Susan Larson, Charles B. Qualia Professor of Romance Languages, Texas Tech University

"Indagaciones is in many aspects a response to changes that have occurred in both the curriculum of foreign language programs and the content that instructors choose to teach. The texts in the textbook show the transition from a conventional introduction to literature class to a more interdisciplinary approach." — Hispania
Georgetown University Press

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