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In the Spotlight

Anton Bruehl Photographs 1902-1950s

Edited by Gael Newton
From his studio in the heart of New York, Australian-born Anton Bruehl created inventive and perfectly realised colour photographs for advertisements in top American magazines such as Vogue and the New Yorker. Seen by the millions of readers, his ads had a dedicated following eliciting bags of fan mail.

As well as advertising, Bruehl produced evocative images of stars of stage and screen, other celebrities, seasonal child studies, and his personal photography in the classic documentary tradition including his award-winning photo book Mexico (1933) and Tropic patterns (1970).

Essays cover the early lives of the Bruehl brothers in Australia; Anton's success in New York, including his most famous and whimsical advertising campaigns; and fascinating details on Bruehl-Bourges colour process which gave Breuhl's photographs their distinctive look. Illustrated with Bruehl's photographs, magazine prints, and printers proofs, this book is a must for anyone interested in photography, advertising, and popular culture.
National Gallery of Australia

9780642334138 : in-the-spotlight-newton
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