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In the Grand Tradition

The Enduring Art of Elbert Weinberg

Elbert Weinberg, a supremely gifted sculptor, was widely regarded as one of the most promising young artists of the 1950s and 1960s. His sculptures are imbued with historical, literary, mythological, and biblical subtext and so belong to the grand art historical tradition. Weinberg's work can be found in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and his home city of Hartford, and in public and private collections across the United States and Europe. He is perhaps best known for his two Holocaust memorials in Wilmington, Delaware, and West Hartford, Connecticut. In 2014, the Weinberg Trust donated several of Weinberg's sculptures, many of his prints and drawings, a large collection of manuscripts, ephemera, and photographs documenting his work to the Hartford History Center at the Hartford Public Library. This in-depth analysis of the artist's most important sculptures includes a brief biography, two interpretive essays, and more than fifty illustrations documenting his life and work.

About the Author

NANCY FINLAY is consulting curator for the Hartford History Center at Hartford Public Library. She has curated seventeen exhibitions, published a variety of essays, and edited several books and catalogues, including Picturing Victorian America: Prints by the Kellogg Brothers of Hartford, 1830-1880, and Artists of the Book in Boston, 1890-1910. For many years she was curator of graphics for the Connecticut Historical Society. She has worked as Print Specialist at The New York Public Library, as Associate Curator of Printing and Graphic Arts at the Houghton Library at Harvard University, and as Assistant to the Curator in the Princeton University Library's Graphic Arts Collection. The Hartford History Center at Hartford Public Library is the museum and archive for the library and holds a growing multi-media compilation of more than 500,000 books, maps, photographs, works of art, digital assets and municipal records that convey 300-plus years of community life in Connecticut's capital city.  


In The Grand Tradition, apart from being an important historical record of Weinberg's work, gives us a glimpse into the life and psyche of this brilliant artist. Thoroughly recommended for all artists, art students, educators, historians, and lovers of fine art, generally.”—Rob Harle, Leonardo Reviews

“Finlay's essays mix biography and commentary along with photographs of Weinberg and his work.”—Maine Antique Digest

Wesleyan University Press

9780819578099 : in-the-grand-tradition-finlay
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