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February 11, 2000
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Ida Lupino

A Biography

"Ida Lupino (1918-1995) was more than a gorgeous image of film noir in the forties and fifties who starred in classics such as They Drive By Night, High Sierra , and Road House . Lupino also evolved into one of Hollywood's earliest female directors whose work was described by Martin Scorsese as ""resilient, with a remarkable empathy for the fragile and heartbroken."" William Donati chronicles the dramatic life of one of Hollywood's most prolific, substantive, and innovative artists, both behind and in front of the camera."


"A feminist filmmaker long before the modern feminist movement."—American Bookseller

"Like one of Lupino's own films (and Lupino's own performances), Donati's book packs much into a small space. It is a gripping read."—Audience Magazine

"Lupino is doubtless the most prolific woman director ever to have worked in Hollywood."—Barbara Sharres, The Film Center of the Art Institute of Chicago

"Lets an icon of women's filmmaking emerge as a full-fledged human being, social crusader, and artist."—Kirkus Reviews

"A true pioneer. . . . Her work is resilient, with a remarkable empathy for the fragile and heartbroken."—Martin Scorsese, New York Times Magazine

"A tough-gal actress."—Newsweek

"Donati adores his subject but doesn't shrink from showing blemishes."—Publishers Weekly

"An appreciative account of her life."—Utne Reader

"The first major biography of this great dame who helped make 'hard-boiled' an adjective not so readily affixed to an egg."—Vanity Fair

9780813109824 : ida-lupino-donati
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