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July 6, 2018
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I Am No Battlefield but a Forest of Trees Growing

This collection is a meditation on the relationship between the life of faith and the affairs of the world—a world that appears more fragmented even with the promise of technology to bridge communities. The poems remind us of our role as agents of change and that, when we take responsibility for this role, we are practicing an effective form of spirituality.

Infused with music and a deep sense of hope, I Am No Battlefield but a Forest of Trees Growing expresses longing for a better life and world. In each poem, author Elvis Alves calls attention to the black body—a site of resistance and celebration—using the language of survival.

About the Author

Elvis Alves was born in Guyana and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He is a graduate of Colgate University and Princeton Theological Seminary.


"Elvis Alves's poetry incites insight. With intensity and compassion, his language braids together threads on spirituality, race, injustice, technology, and music. Layered over a vast catalog of musical references, his bold cadence is the spear that keeps on burning." Hope suffuses his witnessing. Holler if you hear me," Alves writes, and thanks to this powerfully insistent collection, we do hear him, and we must holler."—Jessica Goodfellow, author of Whiteout (University of Alaska Press)
Franciscan University Press

9780999513415 : i-am-no-battlefield-but-a-forest-of-trees-growing-alves
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