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January 1, 1988
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Humanist Pietas

The Panegyric of Ianus Pannonius on Guarinus Veronensis

In this book, Professor Ian Thomson presents a translation and commentary of the poem Panegyricus by Janus Pannonius. Born in the Kingdom of Hungary in the 15th century, Pannonius is renowned for his Renaissance-Humanist poetry. His poem Panegyrgcis is a panegyric in praise of the humanist scholar Guarino Veronese. Thomson presents Panegyricus in its original Latin with a facing-page translation. Alongside this masterful translation, he provides the reader with an extensive commentary on the text, and an introduction to the lives of both the author Pannonius and his subject Guarino. For anyone interested in Hungarian, Renaissance-era, or humanist literature, this work is an excellent resource.

About the Author

Ian Thomson is an emeritus professor of Classical Studies at Indiana University.


"Le travail de Ian Thomson sera donc accueilli avec gratitude par tous ceux qui s'intéressent soit au maître ferrarais, soit à Janus Pannonius, soit, plus largement, à l'humanisme hongrois."—Pierre Jodogne, Revue belge de Philologie et d'Histoire
Sinor Research Inst Inner Asian Studies

9780933070219 : humanist-pietas-thomson
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