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February 1, 2015
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Human Dignity and the Promise of Human Rights

Human Dignity and the Promise of Human Rights is a collection of essays exploring the concept of human dignity, its connection to human rights, and its role in a variety of philosophical, legal, and contemporary public issues. Divided into four sections, the first contains contemporary theoretical discussions of the meaning of human dignity and its role in moral and political theory. The next three sections incorporate readings broadly around three topics: bioethics and law; social and economic welfare and rights; and current issues. The issues within which dignity plays a major role include gay marriage, the use of torture, human trafficking and slavery, and the human rights of women.

About the Author

Richard P. Hiskes is professor of political science and honors at Grand Valley State University and professor emeritus of the University of Connecticut. His research is in the area of environmental human rights, including his most recent book, The Human Right to a Green Future (Cambridge, 2009). He is former editor (now associate editor) of the Journal of Human Rights, and president of the American Political Science Association Section 36: Human Rights.

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