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October 3, 2013
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September 21, 2016
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Hoda Barakat's Sayyidi wa Habibi, Abridged Edition

The Authorized Abridged Edition for Students of Arabic

Sayyidi wa Habibi (My Master and My Love) is a novel by acclaimed Lebanese author Hoda Barakat, abridged in this volume for learners of Arabic at the advanced low proficiency level. Designed as a supplementary text that adds variety and fun to a regular course on Arabic, it is complete with exercises that guide learners through the story and help them improve their Arabic skills, introducing learners of the language to the world of contemporary Arabic literature and improving their knowledge of Arabic culture.

Set against the backdrop of the Lebanese Civil War, this intriguing novel relates the struggles of Wadie, a young man who leaves school and becomes corrupted by crime, and his wife, Samia, who flees with him to Cyprus. Universal questions of existence are masterfully portrayed through eloquent prose that keeps readers engaged until the last line. Laila Familiar provides introductory materials, a short biography of the author, and exercises that develop linguistic and cultural competencies. Audio files of Barakat reading five passages from the work, along with a recorded interview, are available free on the press website in order to help students improve their listening skills.

This authorized version of the abridged text of Sayyidi wa Habibi will be warmly embraced by college and university students of Arabic as well as by independent learners.

About the Authors

Laila Familiar is a lecturer in Arabic at the University of Texas at Austin. She has taught language and content-based courses in several renowned programs of Arabic, and was director of the Arabic Summer Institute at the University of Texas at Austin, 2012–13. She has a Master's degree in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language from the American University in Cairo.

Hoda Barakat is a contemporary Lebanese-born novelist writing in the Arabic language. She worked as a teacher, translator, and journalist during the Lebanese Civil War, and it is during this war that her later novels are set. Her works have won several awards, including the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature.


"If this book had only contained the abridged novel Sayyidi wa Habibi it would have represented that rare literary text that one could teach to students of Arabic at the advanced low level. With all of the additional materials (cultural and historical) and exercises (to be done before, during, and after reading the text itself), it becomes an indispensable tool for Arabic instructors who want to expose their students to literature in their first few years of study. I would also recommend it highly to independent learners of Arabic who have already achieved the appropriate level."—Christopher Stone, associate professor of Arabic, Department of Classical and Oriental Studies, Hunter College

Georgetown University Press
Abridged Edition

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