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January 21, 2019
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History of Christian Philosophy in the Middle Ages

About the Author

Etienne Gilson was a French philosopher and historian of philosophy.


""Invaluable for those who are concerned with the teaching of medieval philosophy or for those who are interested in research in medieval philosophy. Scholarship of a very high order is revealed everywhere in this work but the manner in which the author transcends mere scholarship and captures in a comprehensive grasp the grand perspectives of the medieval tradition in philosophy is the work of philosophical genius." – Franciscan Studies"—Franciscan Studies

"A comprehensive analysis of philosophical thought from the second century to the fifteenth century, from the Greek apologists through Nicholas of Cusa. This work is Gilson's magnum opus."—Jounral of the History of Ideas

"The title conveys precisely how Professor Gilson approaches his material. This is a history of philosophy, but of the philosophy of Christians who employ and adapted the ideas of classical philosophy in constructing a rational view of the world in harmony with Christian thought."—The Philosophical Quarterly

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