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May 7, 2010
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Historical Walks in Yangon

A Myanmar Heritage Trust Guide Map

Ancient temples, elegant diplomatic missions, public gardens, bustling marketplaces, iconographic “joss houses,” charming bungalows, and colonial clubhouses are just a few of the cultural wonders that await you in Yangon, the former capital of Burma (Myanmar). The city has what is perhaps the finest collection of early modern architecture to be found anywhere in Southeast Asia. This first-of-its-kind city map will guide you as you explore these sights, taking you down alleyways, tree-lined promenades, and major thoroughfares to uncover the historical and architectural significance of Yangon’s breathtaking landmarks.

The map features three separate walking tours that will allow you to explore the wonderfully eclectic mix of fin-de-siècle architecture and the former grand boulevards of cinemas, shops, and cafes. Unlike other major Asian cities, Yangon has few skyscrapers yet maintains a “cosmopolitan ambience” through the evocative appeal of its unique urban legacy. Yangon’s buildings still tell wonderful stories.

Included with the map are over a dozen rarely seen photographs and a special section that lists 187 historical landmarks in Yangon according to the township where they are located. These landmarks have been designated by the Yangon City Development Committee as preservation sites because of their heritage value.

Prepared by an expert on Burmese design and architecture, this map is a trusted guide to the many hidden treasures in the golden city of Yangon.
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Paperback / softback
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