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Hiram Martin Chittenden

His Public Career

The life of Hiram Martin Chittenden illustrates the work of one of the most influential federal agencies that has shaped the American West—the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. As a member of the Corps Chittenden was assigned to Yellowstone Park, where he completed the plan for tourist roads. His work there convinced powerful congressmen to increase greatly the appropriations for the park.
In this well-researched biography, Mr. Dodds shows that Chittenden was, in addition to his Corps duties, one of the first advocates of multiple-purpose resource use, a champion of scientific accuracy in forming conservation policies, the first president of the Seattle Port Commission, and the author of several books, including his monumental History of the American Fur Trade and a guidebook to Yellowstone Park that is still in print.

About the Author

Gordon B. Dodds is professor of history at Portland State University.

9780813152073 : hiram-martin-chittenden-dodds
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