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July 15, 2014
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Green Hills of Magic

West Virginia Folktales from Europe

In the early years of this century, miners from nearly every country in Europe and Asia Minor migrated to West Virginia to seek employment in its great collieries. With them they brought many folktales and legends of then homelands. Ruth Ann Musick has collected some of the best and most representative of these stories—never before published in book form—in The Green Hills of Magic. In many instances, these tales were first related in family circles in the native languages of the tellers, later to be translated by their younger English-speaking descendants. Entertaining in themselves, the stories are also excellent examples of the diverse folk beliefs and cultural patterns of the national and ethnic immigrant groups. The tales are attractively illustrated with more than twenty black-and-white drawings.

About the Authors

Ruth Ann Musick, professor emeritus of English at Fairmont State College, West Virginia, is the author of The Telltale Lilac Bush.

9780813154213 : green-hills-of-magic-musick-musick
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