November 11, 2019
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Governing the Social in Neoliberal Times

Edited by Deborah Brock
Neoliberalism is most commonly associated with free trade, the minimal state, and competitive individualism. But it is not simply national economies that are being neoliberalized – it is us. Inspired by Michel Foucault and other governmentality theorists, this volume's contributors reveal how neoliberalism's power to redefine "normal" is refashioning every facet of our lives, from consumer choices and how we approach the environment, to questions of national security and border control. By challenging neoliberal ideas and practices, this thought-provoking collection encourages us to think of the world as more than a marketplace and to open ourselves to the possibilities of resistance.

About the Author

Deborah Brock is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at York University. She is the author of Making Work, Making Trouble: The Social Regulation of Sexual Labour, the editor of Making Normal: Social Regulation in Canada, and the co-editor of Power and Everyday Practices and Criminalization, Representation and Regulation: Thinking Differently about Crime.

Contributors: Tannis Atkinson, Bianca Baggiarini, Philip Boyle, Xiaobei Chen, Rosemary J. Coombe, Mark Doerkson, Kelly Fritsch, Daniel Huizenga, Christine Lavrence, Suzanne Lenon, Kristin Lozanski, Azar Masoumi, David Moffette, Marcia Oliver, Nicole Van Lier

9780774860901 : governing-the-social-in-neoliberal-times-brock
288 Pages
$89.95 USD

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