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April 2, 2024
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Good Business

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating a Better World

Good Business: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating a Better World is an illustrated guide that takes readers through the complicated but exhilarating landscape of social enterprise businesses that are changing the world.

A social enterprise is a different kind of business, one that uses a market-driven approach to address a social or environmental problem such as poverty, environmental damage, or resource scarcity, with the dual goals of helping humanity and building a profitable business.

With a climate crisis, a growing population, and diminishing natural resources, the need for socially-minded innovators is greater than ever. Good Business is designed to be a practical guide and tool for innovators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers who are attempting to navigate the complicated business models required for social enterprises.

About the Author

Lilly Tench lives in Knoxville, TN and is Director of the Spark Cleantech Accelerator at the University of Tennessee Research Park. She has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in industries from energy to agriculture and gained crucial insight into the opportunities and complexities of mixing mission and money.

9781684352210 : good-business-tench
Paperback / softback
April 2, 2024
$30.00 USD

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