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July 31, 2015
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A Cultural and Social History of Modern Football

Goal! covers the history of the beautiful game from its origins in English public schools in the early th century to its current role as a crucial element of a globalized entertainment industry. The authors explain how football transformed from a sport at elite boarding schools in England to become a pastime popular with the working classes, enabling factories such as the Thames Iron Works and the Woolwich Arsenal to give birth to the teams that would become the Premier League mainstays known as West Ham United and Arsenal. They also explore how the age of amateur soccer ended and, with the advent of professionalism, how football became a sport dominated by big clubs with big money and with an international audience. There are intense rivalries in soccer, such as that in Glasgow, Scotland, between (Catholic) Celtic and (Protestant) Rangers, and the authors examine closely the social causes that make for such passionate fans. The book also discusses the use of soccer for political purposes, such as in Hitler's Germany and Franco's Spain. And - given the long-standing association of soccer as a man's sport and the rise of women's soccer, especially in the United States - the authors look at the gendered history of the world's most popular sport. This book, which will appeal to all connoisseurs of soccer, provides a lens through which to view the social and cultural history of modern Europe.

About the Authors

CHRISTIAN KÖLLER is director of the Swiss Social Archives and adjunct professor of modern history at the University of Zurich (Switzerland). FABIAN BRÄNDLE works for the Atelier for Direct Democracy at St. Ursanne (Switzerland).


"The book covers, with great examples and specific details, European football's (soccer) history and economic and social developments."—Jose Moncada-Jimenez, Univ Costa Rica, International Journal of Sport Communication

".. An excellent introduction to some of the most important themes in football history The depth of research, in addition to the accessibility of language, makes it a must-read."—Souvik Naha, ETH Zurich, Journal of Sport History

"This is an extremely readable account woven around a number of fascinating events (mainly matches), explained so lucidly that even general readers will find it appealing The depth of research, in addition to the accessibility of language, makes it a must-read."—Journal of Sports History

"This fascinating history of football in its social and cultural context offers many fresh insights. Grounded in sound scholarship, but written in an engaging and accessible style, it will be of considerable interest to football fans as well as being a core text for courses in sports history." - Wyn Grant, University of Warwick and coeditor ofThe Transformation of European Football, blogs at Addicks Championship Diary and The Political Economy of Football."

The Catholic University of America Press

9780813227276 : goal-koller-brandle
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