January 10, 1998
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Geopolitics in the Danube Region

Hungarian Reconciliation Efforts, 1848–1998

Central and Eastern Europe has a long history of, on the one hand, ethnic conflicts and, on the other, of a revolutionary tradition against expansionism. Both have their roots in the geographical situation and ethnic composition of the region. All these problems have surfaced at times when the political status quo has been upset for some reason, such as after the two world wars and after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Both great powers bordering the Danube region-Germany and Russia-have strived to develop their own versions of confederations (Mitteleuropa and Pan-Slavic movements). Also, politicians and intellectuals of the countries affected have proposed various theories, and made initiatives for different forms of closer or looser confederative formations.

This book examines the reasons for the failure of these initiatives, these reasons including such factors as ethnically-motivated political antagonism, and the lack of economic complementarity. Contributing valuable information on the problems of political and economic integration, which should not be forgotten in a period when the countries of the region are looking towards the European Union, expecting-realistically or not-the solution of their various conflicts.

About the Authors

Ingác Romsics is Professor of Modern Hungarian History at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

Béla K. Király taught Military History at Brooklyn College, and became chairman of the history department.

9789639116290 : geopolitics-in-the-danube-region-romsics-kiraly
428 Pages
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