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January 3, 2013
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January 3, 2013
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Genoa and the Sea

Policy and Power in an Early Modern Maritime Republic, 1559–1684

Genoa enjoyed an important and ever-changing role in the early modern Mediterranean world. In medieval times, the city transformed itself from a tumultuous maritime republic into a stable and prosperous one, making it one of the most important financial centers in Europe. When Spanish influence in the Mediterranean world began to decline, Genoa, its prosperity closely linked with Spain's, again had to reinvent itself and its economic stature.

In Genoa and the Sea, historian Thomas Allison Kirk reconstructs the early modern Mediterranean world and closely studies Genoa's attempt to evolve in the ever-changing political and economic landscape. He focuses on efforts in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to revive shipbuilding and maritime commerce as a counterbalance to the city's volatile financial sector. A key component to the plan was a free port policy that attracted merchants and stimulated trade.

Through extensive research and close reading of primary documents, Kirk discusses the underpinnings of this complex early modern republic. Genoa's transformations offer insight into the significant and sweeping changes that were taking place all over Europe.

About the Author

Thomas Allison Kirk teaches in the Department of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Central Oklahoma.


"Highly recommended."

"An excellent appetizer on the subject of early modern Genoese naval power."

"This book treats a neglected subject—the maritime policy of an early modern Mediterranean state—with a new and refreshing approach."

- Jan Glete - American Historical Review

"This is an interesting and important book, not least because it rescues from near oblivion (for the English-language reader) an important Italian and Mediterranean state whose experience in the early modern era merits greater attention than it has so far received."

- Christopher Storrs - History

"A valuable addition to the literature on the economic history of the Mediterranean."

- Luisa Piccinno - Business History Review

"Well researched and fluently written, the book is highly recommended not only for anglophone readers but to anybody."

- M. Elisabetta Tonizzi - Journal of Transport History

"Provides plenty of food for thought regarding early-modern Italy and hopefully will stimulate more research into how the Italian states confronted their relative political and economic decline."

- Maria Fusaro - Journal of Interdisciplinary History

"Not only a valuable contribution on the history of the republic of Genoa but also a new perspective on the changing Mediterranean world and the relationship of the Mediterranean with the rest of Europe during a period of sweeping transformations."

- Michela D'Angelo - International Journal of Maritime History

"Genoa and the Sea succeeds in reintegrating the Genoese republic with its citizen bankers, its galley slaves, its competing clans and moneyed families in a fascinating, if dense, narrative of transition and transformation... Kirk has demonstrated the rich resources available for sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Genoa, and should inspire much further research."

- Evelyn Welch - Historian

"A refreshing approach... this book deserves to become the standard reference for maritime and economic historians of the early modern period."

- Michael Clark - Great Circle

"An important contribution to the historiography of early modern Italy and its decline in the seventeenth century."

- Francesca Trivellato - Journal of Modern History

"Well written and accessible, Genoa and the Sea merits reading by scholars and students of early modern Italy as well as by those who wish better to understand an old sea in a time of oceanic empire."

- Andrew Vorder Bruegge - Sixteenth Century Journal

"The essence of this book is Kirk's detailed understanding of the economics of shipbuilding and trade, as they affected the diplomatic and economic fortunes of the city of Genoa."

- Gervase Rosser - English Historical Review

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