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January 8, 2013
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Fundamentos y modelos del estudio pragmático y sociopragmático del español

This rich textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the principal concepts and thematic areas of Spanish pragmatics. It is aimed at advanced students of Spanish—upper-level undergraduates and beginning graduate students—who need to hone their language skills for contextually sensitive use of the language.

Written entirely in Spanish, with Spanish examples, this volume introduces basic pragmatics, methods of analysis, and new thematic areas such as language and the press and globalization. Theoretical explanations combine with practical exercises in each chapter to help students master the subtleties of language use.

About the Authors

Susana de los Heros is professor of Hispanic studies at the University of Rhode Island.

Mercedes Niño-Murcia is professor of Hispanic linguistics at the University of Iowa.


"This book is a unique resource for undergraduate and graduate students of Spanish linguistics. Covering fifteen important topics in the realm of sociopragmatics, each one written in Spanish by a specialist in the field and each providing a wealth of textual material intended for student analysis and reflection, this edited volume will surely engage its readers through its lively format and content and at the same time will demonstrate to its readership the theoretical richness and methodological diversity that characterize this field."—Susan Berk-Seligson, professor of Spanish linguistics, Vanderbilt University

9781589019362 : fundamentos-y-modelos-del-estudio-pragmatico-y-sociopragmatico-del-espanol-de-los-heros-nino-murcia
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368 Pages
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