August 21, 2002
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April 6, 2010
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From Arab Nationalism to OPEC, second edition, second edition

Eisenhower, King Sa'ud, and the Making of U.S.-Saudi Relations

As OPEC approaches its 50th anniversary, the paperback edition of Nathan J. Citino's well-received study advances a challenging, revisionist interpretation of U.S.-Saudi relations and OPEC's historical significance. Citino re-examines the relationship between President Eisenhower and King Sa'ūd in the context of the transition from British imperial hegemony to an American capitalist order in the Middle East. He shows how the political realignment that resulted in OPEC ensured that wealth and power subsequently remained in the hands of oil-producing governments. Using American and British archives, corporate records, and Arabic sources, this work reinterprets the foundations of U.S. Middle East policy, the modern Saudi state, and the global politics of oil.

About the Author

Nathan J. Citino is Associate Professor of History at Colorado State University.


"Impressively well researched . . . will be of interest to anyone working on postwar U.S. relations with the region."—International Journal of Middle East Studies

"An important contribution to the literature on U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general."—American Historical Review

"An exceptionally well-researched and meticulously documented study of the evolution of both American policy and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia during a tumultuous period in Middle Eastern history."—Journal of American History

"A must read for scholars seeking to understand the origins of American relations with Saudi Arabia. Thorough . . . masterful . . . careful . . . compelling."—Douglas Little, Diplomatic History

"A welcome addition to historical studies of U.S. oil diplomacy and of U.S.-Saudi relations."—Middle East Policy

9780253222206 : from-arab-nationalism-to-opec-second-edition-2nd-edition-citino
Paperback / softback
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9780253340955 : from-arab-nationalism-to-opec-second-edition-2nd-edition-citino
296 Pages
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