November 22, 2022
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From AIDS to Population Health

How an American University and a Kenyan Medical School Transformed Healthcare in East Africa

From AIDS to Population Health explores the thirty-year history of a unique collaboration between the medical schools of Indiana University and Moi University in Kenya, as it progressed from combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic in East Africa to the building of a national plan to provide universal healthcare to all. The Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH) program focuses on the medical education of healthcare professionals who are building communities that can take care of themselves.

The overwhelming success of the AMPATH program and its continuing vibrant legacy today are showcased through dozens of striking photographs, telling interviews, and revealing anecdotes and encounters. It focuses on four of the most innovative projects among the fifty that AMPATH oversees: a microfinance officer who organizes villagers, an oncology nurse who runs outreach clinics, a farm extension agent working in partnership with a multinational agriculture corporation to improve farm output, and a special healthcare clinic exclusively for adolescents.

Over its thirty-year history, AMPATH has served more than a million clients and trained 2,600 medical professionals and community health workers, always guided by its motto "Leading with Care." From AIDS to Population Health presents their compelling stories and explores the program's continuing legacy for the first time.

About the Author

James D. Kelly is Associate Professor and Director of Journalism in the Media School at Indiana University Bloomington, where his work focuses on photojournalism and healthcare reporting.


"AMPATH's growth from a groundbreaking response to HIV/AIDS to an even more impactful population health program is a remarkable feat, and the Kenyans and Americans who built the program are remarkable people. The program and the people both deserve a comprehensive, compelling book that tells their story. Fortunately for us, James Kelly has devoted his considerable reporting and photography skills to giving these inspiring health heroes—and we fortunate readers—a captivating book that meets the high standards set by this historic partnership."—Fran Quigley, Indiana University McKinney School of Law

"This excellent book highlights the unique, successful and long-term partnership between two institutions—one Kenyan and one American. In contrast to many academic partnerships, the work of Indiana and Moi University is not based on data flows from Africa to the US, but rather demonstrates a model of international solidarity. The AMPATH collaboration's work to scale up HIV therapy and build health systems will serve to improve the resilience of health systems against the global threats of our time, from pandemics to climate change."—Joia S. Mukherjee, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, Partners In Health, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

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