July 20, 2014
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Free Market in Its Twenties

Modern Business Decision Making in Central and Eastern Europe

Edited by Maciej Kisilowski
Introduction by George Soros

This book provides a broadly managerial perspective on key trends that affect business decision-making in Central and Eastern Europe twenty years after the beginning of the region's transition to market economy. Reflecting different viewpoints, including economic, social, and political approaches, the essays helps managers of the region to understand better both regional and the global forces influencing their businesses – as well as to bring to their attention relevant cutting-edge approaches to business thinking and decision-making.

About the Authors

Maciej Kisilowski is assistant professor of law and public management at CEU Business School and director of Initiative for Regulatory Innovation research center. He holds an MA and a PhD in law from Yale, MPA in economics and public policy from Princeton, and MBA with distinction from Insead.

9789633860441 : free-market-in-its-twenties-kisilowski-soros
274 Pages
$79.00 USD

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