November 28, 2018
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Flowering Plums and Curio Cabinets

The Culture of Objects in Late Chosŏn Korean Art

By Sunglim Kim
Series edited by Clark W. Sorensen
The social and economic rise of the chungin class ("middle people" who ranked between the yangban aristocracy and commoners) during the late Choson period (1700–1910) ushered in a world of materialism and commodification of painting and other art objects. Generally overlooked in art history, the chungin contributed to a flourishing art market, especially for ch'aekkori, a new form of still life painting that experimented with Western perspective and illusionism, and a reimagined style of the traditional plum blossom painting genre.

Sunglim Kim examines chungin artists and patronage of the visual arts, and their commercial transactions, artistic exchange with China and Japan, and historical writings on art. She also explores the key role of men of chungin background in preserving Korean art heritage in the tumultuous twentieth century, including the work of the modern Korean collector and historian O Se-ch'ang, who memorialized many chungin painters and calligraphers.

Revealing a vivid picture of a complex art world, Flowering Plums and Curio Cabinets presents a major reconsideration of late Choson society and its material culture. Lushly illustrated, it will appeal to scholars of Korea and East Asia, art history, visual culture, and social history.

About the Authors

Sunglim Kim is associate professor of art history at Dartmouth College.


"Kim's bold and imaginative interpretations offer a strong corrective to the dominant art-historical narrative that has privileged the role of the yangban aristocracy over the chungin. An important and groundbreaking contribution to the growing body of scholarly literature on Korean art history."—Charles Lachman, author of A Way with Words: The Calligraphic Art of Jung Do-jun

"Provides a large amount of important information on Korean social and art history of the late eighteenth through early twentieth centuries."—Burglind Jungmann, author of Pathways to Korean Culture: Paintings of the Joseon Dynasty, 13921910

"Kim immerses the reader in the Korean consumer culture driven by a class of people known as chungin, or middle people, from 1700 through the early twentieth century. Challenging familiar art-historical narratives, this remarkable book illuminates the critical roles played by chungin as creators, consumers, and taste makers. Flowering Plums and Curio Cabinets is essential reading for anyone interested in the rich and multifaceted cultural life of Korea on the cusp of modernization."—Marsha Haufler, professor emerita, University of Kansas

9780295743417 : flowering-plums-and-curio-cabinets-kim-sorensen
304 Pages
$65.00 USD

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