January 10, 1985
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Fire In The Hole

Miners and Managers in the American Coal Industry

Throughout the coal industry's two-hundred-year history, labor issues have dominated its economics and politics. Curtis Seltzer has written a comprehensive historical- analysis of labor relations in the American coal industry-the first since the 1930s.

Market forces have victimized coal suppliers and their workers for most of this century as demand shifted to other fuels. Coal producers responded to poor sales and excess production capacity with policies that led to strikes, inefficiency, and turmoil. Since its founding in 1890, the United Mine Workers of America has represented most coal miners, and management has traditionally taken one of two positions toward the UMWA: break it or use it. From 1950 to 1972, the major coal operators and the union formed an industrial partnership whose purpose was to survive a protracted slump in demand by controlling labor costs, increasing productivity, and limiting competition. This partnership eventually led to a rebellion within the UMWA that demanded democratic reform, better contracts, and improved health and safety in the workplace. For the last decade, the UMWA has been reworking its relationship with management, a process marked by conflict and stress.

n the years ahead, substantial environmental problems associated with coal combustion may drastically limit coal's growth. New mining technologies may cut labor requirements to the bone. As the shift to renewable energy occurs, coal may experience a transitional period of expansion followed by a rapid decline. These trends will have enormous
social and economic consequences.

Fire in the Hole is a story that captures the people of coal as well as the broad clash of social forces.

About the Author

Curtis Seltzer, a writer and energy consultant, lives in Blue Grass, Virginia.


"This is one book about coal that is as readable as it is informative. . . . a knowledgeable, fair, and well-written discussion of coal in both its historical and global contexts."—Journal of Southern History

"So much garbage has been written about coal miners and the coal industry that it is refreshing to read a book by someone who knows what he is talking about and who does not hesitate to step on a good many important toes in the process."—Labor Notes

"The central and most original contribution of the book is in the discussion of the coal industry since 1972. Seltzer moves us beyond simple generalizations to specific issues."—Appalachian Journal

University Press of Kentucky

9780813115269 : fire-in-the-hole-seltzer
304 Pages
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