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May 7, 2010
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Festivals of Laos

Laos is a land of festivals. Every village, every temple, and every ethnic minority not only holds its own special festivals but joins the wider Lao community in celebrating the national ones as well. This book explores the most important festivals of Laos and offers a rare and fascinating glimpse into the spiritual and communal life of the Lao people. Written and photographed by experts in Lao history, society, and culture, Festivals of Laos is a wonderful combination of insightful narrative and stunning photography.

About the Authors

Martin Stuart-Fox is professor emeritus of Asian studies at the University of Queensland and the author of six books on the history, politics, and culture of Laos. Somsanouk Mixay has worked in Laos in the news and media sector for many years and has many articles, features, and books to his credit. Steve Northup has served as staff photographer for the Washington Post and Time magazine. He lives in rural New Mexico.


"The stunning photographs of Lao Buddha images are testimony to a form of iconography with roots in Khmer and Lan Na (northern Thai) style. The fluidity of these images contrasts with the distinctive wooden carvings of Lao folk art, placed as offerings by pilgrims in the sacred Pak Ou caves. As a backdrop, photographs often show the quality of Lao carving, stencilling and gilding, and inlay work."—Susan Conway, Folklore, 2011
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