March 21, 2023
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Fatal Jump

Tracking the Origins of Pandemics

Exploring the fateful chains of events that gave rise to humanity's infectious diseases and pandemics.

Why do global pandemics like COVID-19 materialize? To address this question, we must dive into the world of pathogens that transcend their original host species and jump into new ones. Upon attempts to jump into new species, most pathogens fail to initiate infection or spread in the population. Only a few sustain onward chains of transmission, and even fewer sustain these indefinitely. Yet such fatal jumps have been at the origin of many of humanity's most dangerous infectious diseases.

In Fatal Jump: Tracking the Origins of Pandemics, Dr. Leslie Reperant analyzes the circumstances that have ignited the surge of new pathogens in humans. From the often-overlooked but crucial point of view of a veterinary disease ecologist, Reperant investigates mysteries such as how African-originated monkeypox left its home continent and shares behind-the-scenes insights into hugely destructive pathogens spread by ticks and mosquitos. Drawing from the latest science, she discusses whether we can predict these deadly jumps before they happen and what factors—environmental change, population dynamics, and molecular evolution—enable a pathogen to reach full pandemic status. Rich with recent scientific discoveries and emerging theories, this book spans a vast and diverse range of disciplines and weaves these insights into a holistic view of emerging infectious diseases.

With new pathogens emerging at an ever-increasing pace, Fatal Jump reorients our perspective on infectious diseases and pandemics from the human-centered standpoint to the bigger picture. Only by recognizing the increasingly global nature of human society, and the connections between our planet's environmental health and our own health, will we understand what actions are necessary to reverse this trend.

About the Author

Leslie Reperant (UTRECHT, NE) is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and earned a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University. She has published her research in the field of emerging infectious diseases in leading scientific journals, including The Lancet and Science.


"An essential one-stop shop for all you need to know about the evolution and emergence of infectious diseases. Reperant gives us a comprehensive, compelling and beautifully written account of the origin of epidemics, seamlessly combing data from the evolutionary, ecological, and genomic fields. A truly remarkable achievement."

- Edward Holmes, University of Sydney

"In this, her first book, Leslie Reperant has answered the question of the source of infections that sicken and cause death in humans by meticulously describing the origin of infection-causing organisms and their manipulative and unpredictable behaviour in hosts ranging from ants and grasshoppers to wild and domestic animals, and humans. A masterpiece of research and writing, and a must read for anyone who has ever wondered about the origins of infectious diseases."

- David Heymann, MD, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, editor, Control of Communicable Diseases Manual

"Leslie Reperant's book eloquently brings together threads from many different areas of biology, epidemiology, and veterinary science. She creates a marvelous tapestry illustrating how pathogens, emerge, establish, and spread in host populations. There are new insights in here that are fundamental to our understanding of how pathogens impact the health of individuals and the populations they live in. Ecologists, epidemiologists, and veterinarians will all learn something new from Dr. Reperant's insightful and multi-layered perspective. This book is also a first-class introductory ticket to understanding disease for economists and politicians."

- Andy Dobson, Princeton University

"An intriguing account of the complex interaction between pathogens and us, through deep history to now and COVID-19. The narrative probes issues to do with evolution, discusses our defence mechanisms and looks at how viruses in particular jump from other warm-blooded vertebrates into us. This is an easy, informative, and interesting read."

- Peter Doherty, University of Melbourne

9781421446363 : fatal-jump-reperant
March 21, 2023
$32.95 USD

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