May 28, 2015
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April 7, 2016
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Far Off Metal River

Inuit Lands, Settler Stories, and the Making of the Contemporary Arctic

Drawing on Samuel Hearne's gruesome account of an alleged massacre at Bloody Falls in 1771, Emilie Cameron reveals how Qablunaat (non-Inuit, non-Indigenous people) have used stories about the Arctic for over two centuries as a tool to justify ongoing colonization and economic exploitation of the North. Rather than expecting Inuit to counter these narratives with their own stories about their homeland, Cameron argues that it is the responsibility of Qablunaat to develop new relationships with northerners—ones grounded in the political, cultural, economic, environmental, and social landscapes of the contemporary Arctic.

About the Author

Emilie Cameron is an assistant professor in the department of geography and environmental studies at Carleton University.
UBC Press

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