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October 18, 2004
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Face to Face with Orchestra and Chorus, Second, Expanded Edition, Second, Expanded Edition

A Handbook for Choral Conductors

Face to Face with Orchestra and Chorus is a crucial guide for choral conductors who are presented with the daunting task of conducting a full-size orchestra. This book provides a survival kit for both novice and experienced choral conductors, with an overview of the orchestral instruments and their particular needs, tips for rehearsing an orchestra effectively, and guidelines for proper baton technique. Conductors are walked through six case studies from the Baroque and Classical periods, including Handel's Messiah, Bach's Magnificat in D Major, Vivaldi's Gloria, and Beethoven's "Choral" Fantasia.

About the Authors

Don V Moses is former Director of the School of Music, University of Illinois (now retired).

Robert W. Demaree, Jr., is former Dean of the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts, Indiana University South Bend (now retired).

Allen F. Ohmes is currently Professor of Violin at the University of Iowa.


"This second edition . . . will attract a new generation of conductors to what remains a singular text in our field. . ."—Choral Journal
Indiana University Press
Second, Expanded Edition

9780253216991 : face-to-face-with-orchestra-and-chorus-second-expanded-edition-2nd-edition-moses-demaree-ohmes
Paperback / softback
224 Pages
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