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November 12, 2010
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Australian Portraits, 1880-1960

Edited by Anne Gray
Featuring 54 portraits by 34 artists, Face takes a fresh look at Australian portraiture from the 1880s late colonial period to the mid-1960s and the move into abstraction.

Face considers the international influences upon Australian portrait painting and the more distinctive turns that Australian portraiture has taken in its own right. Australian artists have often challenged the possibilities of portraiture, rejected the predictable and pushed boundaries in both their choice of subject and their painterly approach.

Artists include Tom Roberts, George W. Lambert, Rupert Bunny, Margaret Preston, Grace Crowley, Napier Waller, Albert Tucker, Sidney Nolan, Russell Drysdale, and John Brack.

About the Author

Anne Gray is head of Australian art and senior curator of Australian painting and sculpture before 1920 at the National Gallery of Australia.
National Gallery of Australia

9780642334152 : face-gray
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160 Pages
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