June 15, 2017
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Expanding Intellectual Property

Copyrights and Patents in 20th Century Europe and beyond

The book deals with the expansion and institutionalization of intellectual property norms in the twentieth century, with a European focus. Its thirteen chapters revolve around the transfer, adaptation and the ambivalence of legal transplants in the interface between national and international projects, trends and contexts.

The first part discusses the institutionalization of copyright and patent law in the frame- work of the bigger political and economic projects of the twentieth century. The second and third parts of the collection review relevant processes in the communist regimes and the post-communist societies, respectively. The essays point at processes of enculturation, trans-nationalization and universalization of norms, as well as practices of incorporation and resistance. The contributors lay a particular emphasis on the role and activity of social actors in the establishment and validation of intellectual property norms and regimes, from the function of experts and creation of expert cultures to the compelling power of popular street protests.

About the Authors

Hannes Siegriest is Professor Emeritus for the Social and Cultural History of Contemporary Europe at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy of the University of Leipzig. He is member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences and stands on the advisory board of the Centre for the History and Culture of East Central Europe of the University of Leipzig. Augusta Dimou is Gerda Henkel Research Fellow and Visiting Fellow at the Department of Cultural Studies, Chair of Comparative European History and Culture at the University of Leipzig. She is a historian specializing in contemporary comparative European History with a regional focus on Southeast and East-Central Europe. She is currently completing her habilitation on the development of intellectual property rights and cultural politics in twentieth-century Eastern Europe.


"This collection represents a valuable contribution to the growing sub-field of intellectual property history, which seeks to examine the development of IP legal systems within their social, political, and cultural contexts."—Barbara Lauriat
Central European University Press

9789633861851 : expanding-intellectual-property-siegrist-dimou
324 Pages
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