February 16, 2015
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European Muslim Antisemitism

Why Young Urban Males Say They Don't Like Jews

Antisemitism from Muslims has become a serious issue in Western Europe, although not often acknowledged as such. Looking for insights into the views and rationales of young Muslims toward Jews, Günther Jikeli and his colleagues interviewed 117 ordinary Muslim men in London (chiefly of South Asian background), Paris (chiefly North African), and Berlin (chiefly Turkish). The researchers sought information about stereotypes of Jews, arguments used to support hostility toward Jews, the role played by the Middle East conflict and Islamist ideology in perceptions of Jews, the possible sources of antisemitic views, and, by contrast, what would motivate Muslims to actively oppose antisemitism. They also learned how the men perceive discrimination and exclusion as well as their own national identification. This study is rich in qualitative data that will mark a significant step along the path toward a better understanding of contemporary antisemitism in Europe.

About the Author

Günther Jikeli is a research fellow at the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies, Potsdam University and at the Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcités at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (GSRL/CNRS), Paris.


"As Gunther Jikeli argues in his compelling new book, there is a 'research gap' on Muslim antisemitism in Europe. Although there have been surveys investigating Muslim attitudes to Jews, there is very little fine-grained, detailed research on this issue . . . Jikeli has uncovered a disturbing phenomenon but not a hopeless one. European Muslim antisemitism is not set in stone and, through the efforts of scholars such as Jikeli, by investigating it in more detail we can develop responses accordingly.5/8/15"—Jewish Chronicle

"European Muslim Antisemitism is a brilliantly researched and highly accessible book. It makes a valuable contribution to an ongoing scholarly and moral debate on anti-Semitism. It is a book that should be read by everyone – especially students, scholars and policymakers interested in Muslim-Jewish relations7/16/15"—Times Higher Education

"A milestone in the scholarly investigation of this phenomenon [i.e., European Muslim antisemitism] is the new book of the historian Günther Jikeli, the leading German expert on this subject. . . . His book has the potential to be the standard work [on its subject]."—Juedische Allgemeine

"This thorough, well-presented, social scientific study focuses on the causes of anti-Semitic violence largely carried out by young Muslim males. . . . Jikeli . . . performs an important service for those who seek answers to an extremely troubling problem. . . . Essential."—CHOICE

"There is a great deal of empirical data in this academic study that will be useful to track general patterns of anti-Semitism, and anti-Jewish behavior in Europe. The specific nature of this book makes its most suitable for an academic audience or groups working with discrimination against Jewish communities."—AJL Reviews

"European Muslim Antisemitism is data, research, and analysis all wrapped into one in a compelling and digestible volume."—Jewish Book Council

"Jikeli should be commended for bringing the deep-rooted issues of antiSemitism, and especially the denial, relativism, and unabashed support of the Holocaust, back to serious attention."—AJS Review

"What do European Muslims actually think about Jews? Too little is known about the subject, so Günther Jikeli is to be heartily thanked for his pioneering and earnest efforts to supply some basic empirical evidence in European Muslim Antisemitsm. . . . Jikeli has gone to great efforts to make human contact with his subejcts, and his tact and his obvious empathy are much to his credit."—Times Literary Supplement

"Jikeli presents the most thorough and systematic study of his topic to date. He writes pellucidly and calmly. The topic aside, his book is a pleasure to read."—Reading Religion

"A valuable work of sociological research in a highly topical area of great relevance. By embracing a de-essentializing perspective, Jikeli helps the reader to understand the phenomenon in its full scope and makes it a useful tool for policy makers, educators, religious scholars, social workers, and sociologists."—Alejandro Baer, University of Minnesota

"Gunter Jikeli's nuanced study, based on in-depth interviews conducted with young Muslims in France, Germany, and Britain, is an important contribution to our understanding of the pervasiveness of contemporary European Muslim antisemitism. It is especially timely in the light of recent events in Europe, in which radicalized Muslims have emerged as the chief perpetrators of antisemitic violence and terrorist attacks. Most disturbing of all, as Jikeli clearly shows, is the normalization of anti-Jewish hostility in the West European Muslim milieu which he has carefully investigated."—Robert S. Wistrich, Director, Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, Hebrew University of Jer

"Jikeli's new book, based on about 120 wide and deep scope interviews with young urban Moslem males, as the author defines them, most of whom 'don't like Jews,' is a courageous, non-politically correct first class research. Built step by step, the book first offers a picture of the state of the art in research and public debate, which later enhances the author's own contribution. Jikeli then goes on to present ample interview material, organized according to the relevant themes, and continues towards analysis and conclusions. The outcome is disturbing, even alarming, one that calls for urgent awareness and possible solution findings."—Dina Porat, Head of the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, Tel Aviv University.
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Studies in Antisemitism

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