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October 1, 2021
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Second Year Russian Language and Culture

A highly communicative approach to Intermediate Russian grounded in everyday culture and authentic texts

Etazhi uses the communicative approach to advance student's Russian proficiency from the Novice High / Intermediate Low level of the ACTFL scale to an Intermediate Mid / Intermediate High level. Designed for one academic year of instruction, Etazhi engages students with highly relevant topics to internalize new vocabulary, expand their grammatical reach, and deepen their cultural understanding of Russian speakers.

Chapters on Russian daily life, travel, dating and marriage, clothing, cuisine, health and medicine, education, holiday traditions, and careers are infused with humor and help students acquire the vocabulary and cultural nuance needed to discuss Russian literature, culture, and the arts. Hundreds of authentic texts, photographs, and illustrations gathered from across the Russian Federation—including authentic material written by real people about their experiences in Russia—show the diversity of Russian speakers, culture, and society. Each of the six chapters contains approximately fifty exercises that help students practice the four basic language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

This textbook improves vocabulary and grammar while promoting deeper cultural competency, preparing students to study abroad, and providing a firm foundation for advanced courses.

Special features include:
• Audio transcripts to aid in comprehension checks (available for free on the Press's website)
• A grammar reference with charts and tables, including case and verb charts
• An extensive Russian-English glossary
• Over 120 authentic photographs and hand-drawn images by a Russian artist
• An answer key, sample presentation materials, and a sample exam for chapter one to aid instructors (available for free on the Press's website)

About the Authors

Evgeny Dengub is a senior lecturer of Russian and director of the Russian program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is coeditor of The Art of Teaching Russian.

Susanna Nazarova is a lecturer of Russian at Mount Holyoke College. She is a coauthor of Panorama: Intermediate Russian Language and Culture.


"Etazhi is a welcome addition to the Intermediate-level Russian language curriculum. Following a backward-planning approach from Rifkin, Dengub, and Nazarova's excellent third-year Russian textbook Panorama, Etazhi focuses on challenging points of grammar for second-year learners with a highly communicative, culturally grounded approach. Grammatical explanations are refreshingly brief, but with plenty of helpful examples as illustrations. The focus on everyday culture and intercultural communicative competence is laudable. Each chapter is logically constructed, providing students and instructors with a helpful sense of predictability in chapter structure, and exercises support learning in logical, communicative ways. The sequencing and spiraling of material throughout further reinforce learning. Intermediate-level learners and their teachers will be delighted to work with Etazhi!" — Karen Evans-Romaine, University of Wisconsin — Madison

"Finally, a second-year textbook based on language used in real-life communicative situations! Etazhi offers great preparation for students going to Russia for long-term study abroad programs." — Marita Nummikoski, associate professor of Russian, University of Texas at San Antonio

"Etazhi is a superb intermediate-level Russian language textbook for students seeking to boost their proficiency skills and build their vocabulary while learning about Russia today. Dengub and Nazarova provide a wealth of highly engaging authentic, content-based material about contemporary Russia. Each chapter is carefully structured around topic-focused activities designed to expand mastery of vocabulary and grammar and to deepen cultural understanding." — Joan Chevalier, associate professor of Russian language, US Naval Academy

"Etazhi is easy to follow, innovative, and offers a contemporary range of vocabulary and activities. I love Etazhi's consistency and logical progression in vocabulary acquisition, the realistic expectations in terms of grammar presentation, and the very clear and engaging communicative tasks. The homework assignments are topical with well-integrated grammar reinforcement where students complete exercises and simultaneously review grammar." — Svitlana Malykhina, coordinator of the Russian language program, Boston University

"«Этажи: Second Year Russian Language and Culture» — не только очень талантливый, но и «живой» учебник, что вообще редкость в этом жанре. По этой книге увлекательно заниматься и преподавателю и студенту, она интересна даже как чтение. Темы и тексты «Этажей» не просто дают знания языка и культуры. Авторами выбран замечательный прием — лексический и грамматический материал четко сфокусирован на реальной жизни студентов, продолжающих изучать русский язык. Их готовят к путешествию в современную Россию.

Здесь нет идеальных вымышленных героев и «правильных» диалогов. Действующие лица «Этажей» — реальные люди, с их судьбами, опытом, радостями, трудностями и открытиями.Занимаясь по этому учебнику, cтудент становится собеседником и соучастником процесса, его мнение нужно и важно. Более того — авторы побуждают студентов спорить, размышлять, высказывать свои суждения. «Этажи» — нескучный и эмпатичный учебник. Он дает преподавателю и студенту ощущение совместности и творчества, «ломает» стену между новым трудным языком и теми, кто его изучает.

Россия «Этажей» — меняющаяся, не книжная, удивительная страна. Этот учебник, при полном лингвистическом оснащении, написан о жизни и для жизни." — Майя Волчкевич, кандидат филологических наук, Заместитель директора Миделберийской школы в России (г. Москва)
Georgetown University Press

9781647121150 : etazhi-dengub-nazarova
Paperback / softback
October 1, 2021
$99.95 USD

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