February 1, 2024
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Enlightened Self-Interest

Individualism, Community, and the Common Good

Insights into a compassionate alternative to a ruthlessly self-interested capitalist culture

Societally sanctioned competition for money, power, and fame promotes selfishness, personal alienation, and widespread inequality, especially in market-oriented economies. Yet many of those engaging in this competitive individualism — the competition for rewards and limited resources — yearn to act directly to promote a more civil, equitable, and sustainable society.

Enlightened Self-Interest offers evidence-based insights into the societal and individual consequences of this cultural practice and an actionable alternative to it. This meticulously researched and empirically rooted reexamination of hypercompetition and zero-sum thinking presents inspiring examples of people who have reclaimed their own lives by contributing to a more civil, equitable, and sustainable society. They model the vision of enlightened self-interest, merging self-interest with other interests in pursuit of the common good, resulting in widely shared benefits.

Enlighted Self Interest provides a compelling case for incremental change and a series of actionable recommendations to jump-start a personal transition and to become part of a collective radical evolution.

About the Authors

Thomas J. Bussen is an assistant teaching professor of business management at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. His most recent book is Shaping the Global Leader: Fundamentals in Culture and Behavior for Optimal Organizational Performance (2019), coauthored with Henry Biggs and Lenny Ramsey.

Henry Biggs is founder and CEO of the higher education software company Eusabian Technologies. He also teaches international intellectual property law at Washington University in St. Louis.

Timothy Bono is an assistant dean in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and lecturer in psychological and brain sciences, at Washington University in St. Louis. He is author of Happiness 101: Simple Secrets to Smart Living and Well-Being (2020).


"We are collectively healthier and wealthier than at any point in recorded history, and yet most of us harbor an unexplained, burning angst about the contemporary human condition. This book is a noble exploration of genuine human thriving that enables us to consciously craft more meaningful, grateful, and enlightened lives." — Gregory J. Dunn, associate professor and Business Administration Program director, American University of Rome

"Offers a unique and captivating cross-cultural perspective that brings together the best of Eastern and Western cultures to provide a fresh and meaningful outlook on pursuing a purposeful life. A must read for anyone searching for deeper meaning and fulfillment in life." — Nitish Singh, professor of international business, Saint Louis University

"Enlightened Self-Interest provides an easy to understand — and easy to follow — pathway to living a life of meaning and connection. Readers will learn how assisting others and having empathy are pathways along the purpose-driven life. The authors clearly explain what it means to be a servant leader — no matter your position in life and career. For organizations, for families, and for communities, there is nothing more important than to live and lead with enlightened self-interest." — Mark Whitacre, vice president of culture and care, Coca-Cola Consolidated, Inc.

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February 1, 2024
$29.95 USD

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