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May 2, 2013
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End of the Line

Closing the Last Sardine Cannery in America

At one time, sardines were an inexpensive staple for many Americans. The 212 photographs in this elegant volume offer a striking document of this now vanished industry. Generations of workers in Maine have snipped, sliced, and packed the small, silvery fish into billions of cans on their way to Americans’ lunch buckets and kitchen cabinets. On April 15, 2010, Stinson’s Seafood, once the home of Beach Cliff Sardines, shut down the packing line that had made the name world famous. Begun in 1927, Stinson’s empire eventually included sardine canneries spread along the Maine coast and a fleet of ships to supply them. With this closing, however, the end of the entire sardine industry in Maine had finally arrived. Photographer Markham Starr was privileged to spend several days at the Stinson factory in Prospect Harbor, one month before it was dismantled, emerging with a collection of remarkable images that transform the parts of the cannery into works of art and capture the resilience of the workers faced with the loss of jobs many had held for decades. This book includes a short essay, and shows the heartland of Maine at its finest.


"Markham Starr's photographs exemplify the best of social documentary defined by André Kertesz and Walker Evans. They celebrate the rich tapestry of flesh and steel that once defined America's muscular industrial fishing culture and that lives on now in his vibrant monochromes."—Bill Kuykendall, University of Maine

"These fine photographs catch the character of the remarkable people who earned their living with hard work and pride. I am really pleased that this book makes their story available."—Ben Fuller, Penobscot Marine Museum
Wesleyan University Press
The Driftless Connecticut Series

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