December 21, 2011
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Elusive Destiny

The Political Vocation of John Napier Turner

A political biography extraordinaire, Elusive Destiny reveals the inner workings of the Liberal Party in its heyday as charted through the meteoric rise and fall of John Napier Turner. It highlights Turner's vision for the country and tallies the political price he paid when he deviated from the Trudeau legacy on matters such as language rights, social spending, and Quebec. It also provides a new perspective on federal politics from the 1960s through
the 1980s while giving John Turner his rightful place in Canadian history.


"There is much in this biography that I witnessed personally - from John Turner's friendship with my father to his very successful tenure as finance minister; from his leadership of the Liberal Party to his integrity, his belief in the political process, and his love of country. There is also much that I viewed only from afar. The insights to be gained from reading this book will be important to anyone interested in the events and debates that signposted the evolution of postwar Canada. John Turners' is a life well worth knowing and this fascinating book is well worth reading."—The Right Honourable Paul Martin, The Right Honourable Paul Martin

"This is an important book, presenting not only a former prime minister but also a man who was at the centre of many of the defining issues of the 1980s in Canada, including Meech Lake and the free trade debates. The narrative is compelling and contains rich new material of interest to scholars and general readers alike. Clearly John Turner is a man who found himself in the right place at the wrong time - brought down partly by personal failings, but more significantly by a combination of bad luck and the deliberate acts of rivals."—Brooke Jeffrey, former Liberal adviser and author of Divided Loyalties: The Liberal Party of Canada, 1984-2008

UBC Press

9780774822640 : elusive-destiny-litt
448 Pages
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