March 18, 2011
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Edwin Rogers Embree

The Julius Rosenwald Fund, Foundation Philanthropy, and American Race Relations

One of the most influential philanthropists of the early 20th century, Edwin Rogers Embree was the scion of generations of abolitionists and integrationists. He ably served the Rockefeller Foundation and when Julius Rosenwald created a foundation for his philanthropic activity, he called on Embree to be its head. The Rosenwald Fund is best known for constructing more than 5,300 schools for rural black communities in the South. In the 1940s, Embree became more personally engaged with race relations in the U.S. He chaired Chicago's Commission on Race Relations, helped create Roosevelt College, and was co-founder of the American Council on Race Relations. Late in life, Embree was president of the Liberian Foundation, devoted to improving health and education in Africa's oldest republic.

About the Author

Alfred Perkins served as chief academic officer and taught history at institutions in New Jersey, Tennessee, and Kentucky. His most recent publications have appeared in Catholic Historical Review, Appalachian Heritage, Journal of Negro Education, and Rockefeller Archive Center Research Reports.


"Extensively annotated and indexed, this book is recommended for those interested in Embree and the history of philanthropy in the United States."—Nonprofit Literature Blog

"A clear, engaging, thoughtful account of the life of one of the most influential leaders of American foundations."—David C. Hammack, author of Making the Nonprofit Sector in the United States

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