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October 15, 2011
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Eastern Arabic

The Middle East has become an increasingly important place in the minds and concerns of the English-speaking world. This volume, originally published under the title Jerusalem Arabic, is the gold standard for anyone beginning to learn the Arabic spoken by Palestinians, or those who live in Syria or Lebanon.

Written in transcription using the Roman alphabet, the "Levantine" Arabic, or Jerusalem dialect, is a central Middle Eastern dialect and is recognized by Arabs virtually anywhere—in large part due to the Palestinian diaspora—and a good choice for anyone wishing to learn a base Arabic dialect. Enhanced by audio MP3 files—available for free download at—Eastern Arabic provides the best available structured introduction to the essential features and vocabulary of spoken Palestinian Arabic.
Georgetown University Press
Georgetown Classics in Arabic Languages and Linguistics

9781589018990 : eastern-arabic-rice-sa-id-nydell
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