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Earth Eats

Real Food Green Living

Focusing on local products, sustainability, and popular farm-to-fork dining trends, Earth Eats: Real Food Green Living compiles the best recipes, tips, and tricks to plant, harvest, and prepare local food. Along with renowned chef Daniel Orr, Earth Eats radio host Annie Corrigan presents tips, grouped by season, on keeping your farm or garden in top form, finding the best in-season produce at your local farmers' market, and stocking your kitchen effectively. The book showcases what locally produced food will be available in each season and is amply stuffed with more than 200 delicious, original, and tested recipes, reflecting the dishes that can be made with these local foods. In addition to tips and recipes, Corrigan and Orr profile individuals who are on the front lines of the changing food ecosystem, detailing the challenges they and the local food movement face.
With more than 140 color photos, Earth Eats showcases local food at its finest and features everything the local grower and food enthusiast needs to know all year round, including how to cook up a healthy compost heap, nurture a failing bee colony, create an all-natural deer repellant, and ferment delicious vegetables.

About the Authors

Annie Corrigan is an on-air personality and producer for WFIU Public Radio and the host of the Earth Eats radio show.

Daniel Orr is the owner of FARMbloomington Restaurant and author of several cookbooks, including FARMfood: Green Living with Chef Daniel Orr.


"Her mission is to stay as true as possibel to choosing ingredients that are grown close by, picked at their freshest, and prepared in the home kitchen. The book also includes tips for cooking up a hearty compost heap and building te bin where it will reside, how to forage for ramps, and what to do with that bumper crop of tomatoes. . . . Lively interviews and vibrant photographs flesh out this tribute to a great radio show and our vibrant local food culture."—Limestone Post Magazine

"Where does this book excel? In offering farming-focused education, whether centered on an ingredient (bone broth, all-natural deer repellent); on a technique (rendering lard, cutting chicken); or on a do-it-yourself foodie project (a healthy compost heap). A good first go-green reference."—BookList

"Informative, insightful, and a delight to browse through from cover to cover"—Midwest Book Review

"Together, Annie Corrigan and Daniel Orr form an awesome powerhouse of sustainable living knowledge and local food resources and recipes. . . . It's a collaborative effort, featuring recipes and tips from gardeners and chefs who know their field and are ready to share their favorite tips and tricks to help anyone create a better meal, snack, or dessert or take better care of their homestead."—Little Indiana

"Writer, radio host, and gardener Annie Corrigan and chef and gardener Daniel Orr whet the appetite with tips on natural growing practices, harvesting, and eating delicious and healthful food. You can almost taste the goodness in Earth Eats."—Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp, The Hoosier Gardener

"Earth Eats is an eye-popping, mouth-watering celebration of local food and the people who produce it.  Savor this beautiful book slowly like you would a rich helping of Chef Daniel Orr's Persimmon and Raisin Bread Pudding. Me, I gobbled it down like a bowl of Curried Kale Chips, and it left me craving more.  With eight years of Earth Eats broadcasts under their belts, I hope Annie, Daniel, and their collaborators have another book in them. This one is a peach (locally grown, of course)!"—Christine Barbour, author of Home Grown Indiana
Indiana University Press
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