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March 9, 2010
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Part of a series of books of poetry on dream and its relation to actuality, Dreamwork is an exploration of the then and there, here and now, of landscapes and inscapes over time. The poems explore past, present, and future in places from Canada through New Jersey, New York, and New England to England and Europe as part of the speaker's journey. A typology of home and displacement, of natural beauty and industrial scars unfold in the movement of the book.


"Hart's Dreamwork offers a rich body of unique poetic works that transverse myth and history in, as Hart rather eloquently puts it 'the pathology of a time we call history.' . . . [The poet's] expertise in literature, history, and poetry is distilled in [this] collection [of poems] where antiquity intersects lyrically with the complexities of the present . . . Dreamwork embodies an intricate lyric form, a hybrid composition that vacillates between past and present, imagism and confessionalism. Scholars and readers alike will appreciate Hart's allusionary depth and poetic honesty."—Nat Hardy, Savannah State University

"[Hart] is an innovator who draws from the breadth of literary history to inform his formal decisions. He looks to Greek and Roman modes, as well as to contemporary post-structuralist / post-modern considerations of art and self-reflexivity, and to the foundation of history and knowledge (and self-knowledge) formation. His voice is reminiscent of some Chinese image-based poetry, and he employs a theoretically and technically complex mode of metaphor that develops by accretion. He is truly an innovative poet who pushes the boundaries of poetics, speaking to tradition and looking forward to how poetry as art can be developed."—Christian Riegel, Campion College at the University of Regina

UBC Press

9781897425701 : dreamwork-hart
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