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September 12, 2023
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A short but engaging look at why we dream.

In Dreams, researcher Melanie Gillespie Rosen explores the biology and psychology behind dreaming. Introducing historical theories from Aristotle to Descartes, Gillespie Rosen then evaluates current leading theories on the purpose of dreams based on modern research. She reveals how dreams may help consolidate memories our brains deem important while clearing out unnecessary ones, and they may also reflect anxieties in our subconsciousness. Dreams give us a chance to test out future events in order to rehearse our actions and responses. Gillespie Rosen examines the sleep stages and explains why most of the dreams we remember occur during REM. She even explores why some people dream in color, while others report dreaming in black and white.

In Reflections, a series copublished with Denmark's Aarhus University Press, scholars deliver 60-page reflections on key concepts. These books present unique insights on a wide range of topics that entertain and enlighten readers with exciting discoveries and new perspectives.

About the Author

Melanie Gillespie Rosen (PETERSBOROUGH, CANADA) is an assistant professor at Trent University.

Johns Hopkins University Press
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9781421447124 : dreams-gillespie-rosen
Paperback / softback
September 12, 2023
$8.95 USD

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