June 21, 1994
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Dr. Anderson's High-Fiber Fitness Plan

This pioneering work by internationally known physician Dr. James W. Anderson is a quick and easy guide to a healthier lifestyle. Breaking the steps to healthful living into manageable units, Dr. Anderson shows how making the right choices in diet, exercise and relaxation can improve health and reduce risks of major disease.

Dr. Anderson's High-Fiber Fitness Plan is an essential handbook for those who want a hassle-free way to fitness and health. It has an enclosed spiral binding that lies flat on the counter with a wipeable cover and plenty of space for notes. The first half of the book is filled with suggestions for health-promoting foods and practices and packed with workbook exercises that allow users to personalize the plan. Practical chapters address topics including: using dietary fiber to fight disease, developing a lifetime plan, losing weight quickly & healthfully, cooking easily, dining out

The second half of the book is filled with more than 150 recipes, most of which take less than fifteen minutes to prepare. Try "Gingered Fruit Dip" on apple wedges and kiwi slices for breakfast or "Unfried Beans" for lunch; savor "Orange Muffins" for a snack or "Homestyle Brisket" for dinner. Offerings include: appetizers, beverages, snacks; fruits and desserts; fish, chicken, and meat; vegetables; salads; soups and sandwiches.

"I can do that!" sections help readers study their own habits and incorporate positive changes into daily life. Each chapter includes a "chapter action plan" to help readers put new information to use. A handy chart lists calories and fat content for restaurant foods.

Through the use of "Jim's Diary," Dr. Anderson charts his own progress and improvement, and, through the success stories of those who have tried his diet and found their lives changed, he provides inspiration. His gentle, humorous style makes self-improvement nearly painless.

About the Author

Dr. James W. Anderson is a professor of medicine and clinical nutrition at the University of Kentucky and is recognized internationally for his research on dietary fiber. He is the author of Dr. Anderson's Life-Saving Diet.

9780813118673 : dr-andersons-high-fiber-fitness-plan-anderson
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