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June 18, 2020
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Dissonant Methods

Undoing Discipline in the Humanities Classroom

Dissonant Methods is an innovative collection that probes how, by approaching teaching creatively, postsecondary instructors can resist the constrictions of neoliberalism. Based on the foundations of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, whereby educators are asked to explore teaching as scholarship, these essays offer concrete and practical meditations on resistant and sustainable teaching. The contributors seek to undermine forms of oppression frequently found in higher education, and instead advance a vision of the university that upholds ideals such as critical thinking, creativity, and inclusivity. Essential reading for faculty and graduate students in the humanities, Dissonant Methods offers urgent, galvanizing ideas for anyone currently teaching in a college or university.

Contributors: Kathy Cawsey, Kit Dobson, Ada S. Jaarsma, Rachel Jones, Kyle Kinaschuk, Namrata Mitra, Guy Obrecht, Katja K. Pettinen, Kaitlin Rothberger, Ely Shipley, Martin Shuster

About the Authors

Ada S. Jaarsma is Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Humanities at Mount Royal University. Kit Dobson is Professor of English at the University of Calgary. His research and teaching are concerned with literatures in Canada, transnational studies, and questions of affect and ecology.


"[The editors] frame this anthology with relevant questions about the time we're in: How do we teach, and think about teaching, when in certain quarters post-secondary education is understood as a consumer item? [The} anthology emerges at an important time as we in Alberta grapple with COVID-19, severe budget cuts from the provincial government and the need for clear critical thinking."—Joe Kadi

"Readers of this collection will find that it lives up to its title: it 'undoes discipline' through the readership it invites. I am a scholar of literature, but I felt as energized and provoked by the contributions on teaching philosophy, music, creative writing, and martial arts as I did by those on teaching literature. The book's focus on the methods of teaching make it widely and, most crucial, practically applicable across disciplines. I suspect this collection will be of interest to a variety of educators. Those who work administratively in teaching and learning centres or as curriculum/course developers would also find much use in this book's practical insights." Jessica McDonald, Engaged Scholar Journal, Fall 2020


"This is an important book, both for those of us who love and teach humanities and for those skeptical about the value of the humanities."—Marjean D. Purinton, Professor, Texas Tech University

"Corporatization poses a serious threat to the academic and scholarly integrity of our universities. The authors promote a dialogue about the problem and how it should be addressed."—Joseph Keeping, Associate Professor, York University

9781772124897 : dissonant-methods-jaarsma-dobson-cawsey
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176 Pages
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