November 22, 1983
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Derrida and After

Edited by Mark Krupnick
Displacement is a unique collection of essays devoted to Jacques Derrida, widely regarded as the greatest influence on the theory and practice of reading and writing of the past fifteen years. Reflecting Derrida's broad philosophical and cultural concerns, the essays in this volume deal with questions of interpretation in literature, psychoanalysis, theology, and political theory. Writing, feminism, Jewishness, radical politics, and the unconscious are all presented here as appropriate objects of a literary study that goes far beyond conventional structural analyses of individual texts. An insightful introduction by Mark Krupnick clarifies the meaning of "displacement," a concept and method central to Derrida's work. Krupnick discusses the recent history and status of "displacement" as a key term in contemporary theory both in Europe and in America.

About the Author

Mark Krupnick, Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is author of Lionel Trilling and The Fate of Cultural Criticism.


"What these essays all witness to is the extraordinary energy of thought and style which Derrida's writings have unleashed among admiring and dissenting commentators alike."—Christopher Norris, London Review of Books

"Part of the growing body of commentary on Jacques Derrida in English, these essays exemplify the new sophistication toward deconstruction in Britain and the United States."—Michael Sprinker, Times Literary Supplement

"Displacement: Derrida and After is an important and challenging contribution to literary studies. Its focus on displacement is welcome and allows for considerable enlightenment on this undeniably central aspect and concern of recent literary theory."—G. Douglas Atkins

"I am struck by the extraordinary quality of this work, particularly by the uncompromising rigor and remarkable and rich introduction. I am already learning a lot from this book."—Jacques Derrida

"A most intelligent collection of essays. They deepen our understanding of Derrida, and remove the suspicion of mystification from his treatment of philosophic and literary issues."—Geoffrey Hartmann, Yale University

9780253318039 : displacement-krupnick
204 Pages
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