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October 21, 2021
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Amy Crider's debut psychological thriller is an endlessly satisfying page turner that will forever change the way you look at storytelling and mental illness. Graduate student Wendy Zemansky was hoping for a normal semester at an isolated university in upstate New York. Since coming off disability and starting medication for bipolar disorder, Wendy longs to feel like a "real" functioning adult, a respected colleague in her writing program. But when her roommate goes missing, Wendy plunges into an investigation that is roadblocked by vainglorious professors, specious doctors, and dubious friends. As time runs out, Wendy is forced to separate shades of suspicion amidst a swirling and uncontrollable mania, leaving her with startling lessons on what it means to persevere when everyone is seemingly against you.

About the Author

Amy Crider was raised in Sauquoit, New York, and received her BA in Theater from Goddard College, where she also earned an MA in Education. As a playwright, her work has been seen in New York and throughout the Midwest, and can be heard on the podcast Continuous Dream ( She currently lives with her husband in Chicago, IL.

9781608012206 : disorder-crider
Paperback / softback
October 21, 2021
$18.95 USD

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