January 1, 2003
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Disinflation in Transition Economies

Edited by Marek Dabrowski

The authors of this outstanding scholarly work analyze the dynamics of disinflation in transition economies in Central and Eastern Europe. The volume covers all the key factors of this process: changes in money supply and money demand; exchange rate policy; currency crisis; fiscal policy; legal status of central banks; monetary policy strategy; changes in relative prices and changes in nominal and real wages. The book contains 13 chapters related to various aspects of disinflation and covering different sets of transition countries depending on their relevance to the analyzed topic and data availability.

About the Author

Marek Dabrowski is Vice Chairman of the Center for Social and Economic Research, Warsaw. 


"This is the only truly comprehensive analysis of disinflation in the post-communist period. The book is comprehensive in the sense that all the countries of the former Soviet bloc are covered, all of the key issues relating to disinflation are assessed carefully and with insight and the problems of disinflation are addressed using the latest theoretical and empirical tools. . The volume is likely to become the definitive work on the subject of disinflation in post-communist economies."—Jacek Rostowski

9789639241299 : disinflation-in-transition-economies-dabrowski
412 Pages
$105.00 USD

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