March 20, 2009
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Democratization and the Politics of Constitution-Making in Turkey

Explores and illustrates how domestic and international factors shape the direction of democratization process with special reference to constitution making process in Turkey. Describes how all five Turkish constitutions were, by and large, the products of indigenous effort, although borrowing could be felt in certain limited areas. Argues that the constitutional reforms in the post-1983 period were the outco me of broad inter-party negotiations and agree ments as a response to the society's demands for a more democratic and liberal political system. Finally, the constitutional revisions adopted since 1995 were strongly conditioned by Turkey's hope of accession to the European Union. With these reforms, Turkey was successful in meeting the political criteria and started accession negotiations with the EU.

About the Authors

Ömer Faruk Gençkaya is a professor of Political Science and country evaluator at COE-GRECO. Professor Ergun Özbudun is a Professor of Constitutional Law at Bilkent University and member of Venice Commission.


"A significant analysis of the origin, policies, and impacts of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). Özbudun and Hale's arguments about secularism and the military are the most remarkable of several important points they develop. The authors successfully explore the dynamics of constitution writing and amending in Turkish political history. Özbudun and Genckaya ephasize the need for further substantial amendments, if not an entirely new Constitution, as part of Turkey's democractization process."—Political Science Quarterly

9789639776302 : democratization-and-the-politics-of-constitution-making-in-turkey-genckaya-ozbudun
155 Pages
$55.00 USD

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